Course Endorsements

Multidisciplinary Approach to Implant Prosthodontics

Dr. Dan I.  Haas

“One of the best courses I have ever taken in my 20 years of practicing. The chemistry between all the presenters is a delight to see. Just to see them brainstorming certain scenarios on the spot was a great learning experience. THANK YOU!”  Dr. Dan I. Haas

Dental Implant Training

Dental Implant Training

Dr. Francois Bessay

“Dr. Bongard’s last “extreme” presentation was awesome and thrilling. I was too stunned to applaude but I wish that I had …”  Dr. Francois Bessay

Dr. Karen Lederer

“I was very pleased with the course content. No surprises – you delivered what was promised. Well done. Thank You.”  Dr. Karen Lederer

Dr. Dave Schoales

“Absolutely first rate presenters and staff. A very pleasant surprise considering 6 days of lectures could have been a heinous experience. Thank you for a job well done.”  Dr. Dave Schoales

Dr. Farbad Fanian

“I enjoyed the course and would consider similar events if offered by you.”  Dr. Farbad Fanian

Dr. John Genova

“The course was very well presented, relevant and generated lots of discussion.”  Dr. John Genova

Dental Implant Training

Dental Implant Training

Dr. Sylvia King

“For those who want to satisfy the RCDS requirements, I felt this course was very reasonably priced, and very well put together. I found the venues and meals and snacks were above expectations. A heartfelt thanks.”  Dr. Sylvia King

Dr. Mark Lynas

“Very good course. Covered all aspects of implants. Enjoyed the different approaches each of the lecturers had with regards to treatment planning. All around very informative.”  Dr. Mark Lynas

Dr. Inas Salter

“It was a wonderful course. Don’t change anything. Thank you for having it.”  Dr. Inas Salter

Dr. David Tabuchi

“All of the speakers were excellent!”  Dr. David Tabuchi

Dr. Jan Stacey

“The speakers were excellent, professional, articulate.”  Dr. Jan Stacey

Dr. David Grant

“The speakers could not be better……..really.”  Dr. David Grant