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Getting dental implants Edmonton from Chrysalis Dental

The thought of dental implants can sound scary, but it really isn’t! Whether you choose to get individual tooth implants or a full set for a cohesive and permanent smile, the option is there, and easy to do. Our procedures are hardly procedures at all, as they’re done the day you walk in. That’s right, you can get back to the foods you love and daily routine in as little as a few hours, no major recovery needed. From single implants to full arch, our Permanent Same Day Teeth dental solution is for everyone.  

Dentures are a quick solution, yes, but they can be a hassle. Constant cleaning, removing, adjusting, and even overall discomfort can be draining. If you’re looking for a top, bottom or full set of new permanent teeth, we can provide you with that! The best part is that these implants feel completely natural and look fantastic! Don’t wait to get implants. With incredibly fast downtime and recovery, you’ll finally be able to eat your favourite foods and smile with confidence the same day! 

If you think that you’ve spent all your patience on dealing with dentures, or just don’t have the same confidence in your smile you once did, now is the time to act. Call us today to get more information about Permanent Same Day Teeth from Chrysalis Dental Centres. 


Chrysalis Dental Centres - Edmonton Team

Chrysalis Dental Centres – Edmonton Team


Check out this amazing story of Larry and the trials and tribulations he faces dealing with dentures. If you find yourself feeling the same, now’s the time to jump on the permanent smile opportunity from Chrysalis!