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Smile wide knowing that permanent dental implants aren’t out of reach! At Chrysalis Dental Centers and United Smile Centers, patients arrive on the day of their dental implant procedure and leave just a few short hours later… With perfect teeth! Been waiting for the opportunity to get beautiful, new, non-removable teeth or non-invasive dental implants? Now’s the time!

With Chrysalis Dental’s Permanent Same-Day Teeth procedure, you can see the results immediately! Grab a snack as soon as you leave the office and relax knowing you don’t have long to recover. Unlike traditional dental implant techniques, the team at Chrysalis can guarantee a short, speedy recovery with little to no downtime. You’ll enjoy a new-found sense of confidence knowing that your teeth will never put you in another embarrassing situation. Our Permanent Same-Day Teeth will give you the freedom to enjoy the social situations and activities that you’ve avoided because of your teeth or dentures.

What Are Dental Implants? 

It may sound intimidating, affixing anything permanently to a spot as tender as your mouth. A dental implant can range in complexity from replacing just one tooth, to installing a full set of upper and lower teeth. Depending on the severity of mouth condition a patient is experiencing, more work may need to be done in order to ensure a successful implant. There are many factors put into consideration for determining if a patient is suitable for dental implants. For example, if there is existing or extensive damage to the gums surrounding the teeth, additional surgery may be required in order to make the arches viable for implants. This can range from procedures like a sinus lift, or a gingival graft. However, many of our patients do not have severe enough conditions to be considered for additional surgeries.  

Dental implants are typically made up of three parts; the implant itself, which resembles a screw, an abutment and a crown. Single dental implants just look like a tooth on the end of a screw, to keep it simple. These implants are typically made of a strong metal, which the body will eventually bond with through a process called osseointegration. Along with the body’s bonding process, practitioners also take into consideration the amount of pressure the implant may be under during processes like chewing and general wear and tear. If you’re unsure about whether this is the right type of procedure for you, there are a few things you should consider.


Can Dental Implants Fail? 

While failure isn’t common, there is still a chance it could result in the implant falling out or needing to be taken out. Because the implants are not connected to any periodontal ligaments, there is no way for the body to know exactly how much pressure is coming down on the implants. This is a concern especially in people who grind their teeth in their sleep or in general. Because the body doesn’t have any sensation in that “tooth” it will not register how much pressure is too much. This is likewise with full mouth dental implants, but on a larger scale with less sensation to judge pressure. 


Post-Operative Risks of Dental Implants

As mentioned above, additional surgery is dependent on the patient’s overall mouth health. If there is significant damage to the gums and surrounding bone, the implants will not have a sturdy base to eventually bond with. While our procedure is one of the most non-invasive, there is still a surgical risk associated with it. Risks and complications after surgery can occur if the patient is not diligent in keeping up with strict mouth health, or if the body does not respond to and bond with the implants. In addition, everyone’s body is different when it comes to the healing process and adapting to a foreign object. 


With these things in mind, Chrysalis is here to answer any and all questions you may have before booking a dental implant procedure. We are fully prepared to take on any case. Experience a perfect smile, and the best dental implants Toronto has to offer! 

Call today for a no obligation examination to find out if you qualify for this life-changing dental implant procedure.

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