Ceramic Crowns. Will They Match My Existing Teeth?


Ceramic Crowns

Will Ceramic Crowns Match My Existing Teeth?
If you are having a tooth restored with a crown, especially a front tooth, you want your restoration to look as natural as possible. The type of materials used, as well as the shade selection process is extremely important for long-lasting aesthetic results. Thankfully with the advancement of porcelain dental materials, modern dental crowns can match your natural teeth as closely as possible.

Ceramic Crowns Prevent “Gray Lines”
Have you ever seen someone smile and noticed a dark grey or bluish line along his or her gumlines? This is an unwanted side effect of porcelain fused to metal crowns. Although the porcelain is matched to the tooth color, the metal base is not, and a portion of the base is exposed just near the gumline. Ceramic dental crowns prevent this from happening, because they are made entirely of high grade, tooth-colored material. From the tip of the tooth down to the gumline, the entire restoration is consistent in color and shading. You will never have to worry about trying to hide your smile or make it smaller because of the way your restoration looks. In fact, you may want to smile even more!

The Translucent Hue of the Ceramic Crown Gives a Natural Enamel Appearance
Natural tooth enamel has a slight translucency to it. If a dental crown is made of opaque porcelain materials that match the other teeth, it may still look artificial. Thankfully advancements in dental materials now provide patients like you with more options. Instead of porcelain, ceramic dental crowns offer a similar translucent hue to the overall appearance of the restoration. The density of the translucency changes from the base of the ceramic crown to the thinner ceramic near the biting edges, allowing the restoration to blend in more effectively with the rest of your smile.

Skilled Labs Mimic Natural Tooth Texture
Teeth are never perfectly smooth or even. If you look at your teeth up close, you will notice small ridges and waves in the enamel, even in the healthiest of teeth. Highly skilled, artistic technicians recreate these microscopic irregularities within porcelain crowns so that they resemble those in your natural teeth. Although the tooth itself looks beautiful, these small details are what make your ceramic crown look like a real tooth to everyone else. Even the biting edges of the ceramic crown are designed to look just like the teeth on either side of your new tooth.

Thanks to the advancements made in ceramic, dental crowns are now often uneasily recognized by anyone other than your actual dentist. The unique color-matching process is one of the most important steps in your entire treatment, regardless of how many teeth you are having replaced.

If you need a tooth crowned or replaced with a dental implant, ceramic dental crowns are the best way to create natural looking results. Ceramic won’t change color and is extremely durable even for everyday biting and chewing purposes. They can be placed on broken teeth or directly over individual dental implants for tooth replacement purposes.

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