Chrysalis Same Day Teeth

Change Your Life in Less than 24 Hours with Same Day Teeth!

Enjoying new teeth in a single day might sound too good to be true! The reality is that you can replace your dentures or failing teeth within one single surgical appointment. You’ll need a good deal of planning. But you could actually leave with new teeth within a single day of treatment.

Getting Started
First off, you will need to have an initial consultation for our same day teeth procedure.   This session will allow the doctor to get a clear idea of your needs. The doctor collects information about your mouth through techniques including:
·       X-rays
·       Impressions
·       Three-dimensional CT imaging
·       Photographs
Your first appointment could encompass all the information collection. There is a possibility that you may have to return to complete the records. Once the surgeon decides on a treatment plan, the surgery date is set.

With this information, the surgeon can determine the most ideal location for each implant. As there are usually only four or five implants, the doctor must also choose the best angles to set them at. Computer programs can manipulate images of your mouth to determine the most precise placement.

Receiving Your Same Day Teeth
During the procedure, the surgeon will remove any failing teeth. At the same time, he or she will place the dental implants. The beauty of this part is that computer technology can help to forecast the best locations. Surgery is usually minimal and precise. As a result, most patients experience minimal swelling and discomfort. Healing can even be much quicker than that of other surgeries.

The surgery involves an average of four to five dental implant placements. The surgeon places the implants at precise angles to maximize their strength and their ability to work as a team in order to support your new teeth.  Once the dental implants are placed, your surgeon will attach your new prosthetic teeth to the dental implants.

After the Surgery
You should be able to leave the office with a full arch of teeth (upper and / or lower) in place! These teeth will not be your permanent ones, however. You can eat immediately after the surgery; we recommend softer foods such as fish and pasta for the first few weeks.

When a total of about four to six months have passed, and the bone integrates with the implants, you will then receive a permanent set of teeth. Any small changes that you would like to make to the look of your teeth are performed ahead of time to this final set.  Your new smile is complete!

The Benefits of a New Smile in a Day
New teeth in one appointment means that you don’t have to leave the office without teeth. You could have the smile you deserve just in time for a special occasion!

If you’re interested in making quick and drastic changes to your smile, then try getting new same day teeth.  Chrysalis Dental Centres are excited to help you achieve your dream smile! Schedule a free consultation at one of our locations to get started.