Dental Implant Costs


Dental Implant Costs – Are you up to speed?

When you decide to invest in the future of your smile, there’s nothing better than permanent dental implants. After all, implants can last for life. They have a wide variety of uses from replacing one missing tooth to all of them at one time. All of the factors associated with implants affect the cost of your treatment. How can you know what is an appropriate price?

The Type and Number of Implants You Choose

Your dental implants costs are affected by several factors.  How many dental implants will you get? The type of implants you select and the number needed will impact your overall cost. You will need to talk to your dentist to see which types are realistic options for your particular needs.

Surgical Expenses

Traditional implants require surgical placement of the implant (root) into the jaw. Will additional surgical services be needed? For instance, some surgeons also recommend bone grafting if loss of healthy bone structure has occurred. The length of surgery will also depend on the number of implants installed. Having mini implants is essentially non-surgical compared to conventional implant therapy. Mini-implants, however, play a very different role.

Certain implant dentists may require that you have surgery off-site with a 3rd party provider. Then you return for the placement of your prosthesis. This could increase the overall dental implant costs vs. having the surgery and prosthesis creation performed under one roof.


Types of Implant Prostheses

Based on the number of implants you are getting – which type of prosthesis have you chosen? Do you want a single porcelain crown on top of each implant, or a full implant-supported denture? Choosing an implant denture will be more cost effective, as it is a single appliance installed over fewer implant roots. Individual implants will be a larger investment, as each one supports a porcelain crown.  All of these variable greatly affect your dental implant costs.


Getting a Written Quote

Be sure to receive a written estimate for your treatment. You may want to consider having a side-by-side comparison of different types of implants and prostheses to consider. That way you can also compare the rates of other dentists without overlooking key parts of the procedure that may not be disclosed. If you have any questions, be sure to ask. This prevents surprises on your final bill.


Warranties on Your Dental Implants

Does your implant dentist offer a warranty on the implants? Does it include the implant prosthesis, abutment, and the restoration – or just certain parts of each one? What about labour? If your treatment is being completed back and forth between two different providers, you will want to know who is responsible for problems that could arise. You also need to know who covers which aspects of the treatment, and when you are “handed off” to the next doctor.

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