Dental Implant Problems – Myths and Misconceptions

Dental Implant Problems – Myths and Misconceptions

Dispelling Myths about Dental Implant Problems
If you have put off talking to your dentist about dental implants because you are worried about the pain or problems with the treatment, it’s time to think again. Most dental implant problems are extremely rare. In fact, implant therapy is actually one of the most successful treatment option in modern dentistry.

Happy StaffHere are just a few examples of dental implant problems that are not as common as you might think:

Implant Treatment May Not be Successful
As previously mentioned, dental implants have an extremely high success rate. In general, dental implants are successful in 95% of all treatment cases. That’s more than fillings, crowns, or even dentures! If you are looking for a reliable way to restore health and function to your smile, then dental implants should be at the top of your list.

Dental Implants Hurt
Myth. Dental implants are no more uncomfortable than routine dental treatments. In fact, many people say their implant procedure didn’t hurt at all. Prior to your implant therapy, the area around the implant site is completely numbed. The only discomfort most people feel is a pinch from the numbing injection. Pain relievers or sedation can make the process even more comfortable during your treatment and recovery.

I’m Not a Candidate for Dental Implants
It’s true…in the past many people were not candidates for dental implants because of bone loss, oral health, or their medical and dental histories. Thankfully that has all changed. Now, implants are an option for almost everyone. Advanced placement techniques, high quality materials and therapies such as bone grafting now allow people to take advantage of implant therapy even if they were previously told that dental implants were never an option.

Implants Can’t Replace All of My Teeth
Some people may think that it’s impossible to replace all of their missing teeth with dental implants because of how many new teeth they need. Although dental implants can support individual crowns, they can also be used to anchor permanent restorations like bridges and even full mouth dentures. A fixed implant denture can be secured by as few as 4 dental implants.

Implants Mean Multiple Surgeries
The surgical procedures necessary for dental implants are what scare many people away. Although implants may require a certain length of time between visits (to allow for healthy bone formation,) they do not necessarily require multiple surgeries. In fact, if surgery is needed, most of it can be completed during just one appointment. Some types of dental implant procedures can even be completed in one day.

The 95% success rate of implant therapy puts most dental implant problems to rest. In the past decade alone, implants have become regarded as the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. 

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