Why Gum Bleaching May be Right for You

Gum Bleaching

Chances are you have heard about teeth whitening and bleaching, but have you heard about gum bleaching? This unique procedure allows you to change or improve the natural colour of the gum tissues surrounding your teeth. The end results give you gums that look perfectly healthy and have a natural coral colour across your entire smile.   At Chrysalis Dental Centres, our Periodontist, Dr. Phil Walton, has been performing this procedure for quite some time.  The clinical term for this procedure is Gum Depigmentation but it also known as Gum Bleaching, Gum Lightening, and Gum Whitening.

Choosing to Have Your Gums Bleached
If you are unhappy with the color of your gum tissues and feel like they interfere with the appearance of your smile, then gum bleaching is a great option for you. Some people have natural hyperpigmentations in their gingival tissues, causing them to look dark, spotted or even unhealthy. Dark gums can also be caused by smoking, medications, and old restorations such as silver fillings that leak into the gum tissues.

Gum depigmentation after both the Upper and Lower arches have been treated.

Gum depigmentation after both the Upper and Lower arches have been treated.

Notice the difference after only the upper arch has been treated.

Notice the difference after only the upper arch has been treated.

Dark Gums Prior to  Gum Bleaching Procedure

Dark Gums Prior to Gum Bleaching Procedure

Hyperpigmentation may also be genetic. It is commonly seen among people from certain ethnic backgrounds, although this is not always the case. Thankfully there is nothing physically wrong with dark gums at all. In most cases they are completely healthy, but their appearance can easily be fixed.

How Does Gum Bleaching Work?
Gum whitening or gum lightening can be done using a whitening solution along with a microdermabrasion process, or with a laser. Microdermabrasion is the more traditional method and usually takes less than an hour to complete. After the whitening gel begins to lighten the gingival color, the dentist uses what is similar to a polishing cup to buff the gum tissues and remove remaining melanin containing cells.

Both methods safely and gently remove the superficial layer of pigmented tissue cells, exposing the coral gingiva below. The process is completely safe and gives you instant results in the very same day. Your mouth will be numbed during this process to prevent any discomfort.

Something to Keep in Mind
Your gums should first be free of any infection or disease – such as gingivitis or periodontal disease. We can screen for these conditions prior to performing the gum bleaching procedure. Healthy gums respond better with reduced irritation compared to gingiva that is infected with bacteria.

If the gum tissues are very thin, treatment might be contraindicated, as this could expose your root surfaces in certain areas. A simple exam is all you need to see whether or not your oral anatomy is healthy enough for the procedure, and whether or not different options may be more appropriate.

Long Lasting Results
Most gum whitening / gum lightening / gum bleaching treatments can last for your entire lifetime! It’s a great way to permanently improve the appearance of dark gums without having to use follow up creams or gels. Your results will depend on the type of treatment used by your dentist.

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Does gum whitening sound right for you?  Our Harvard-trained Periodontist – Dr. Phil Walton will be happy to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure.  Stop by for a no-hassle smile consultation to learn more about gum whitening and our other smile enhancement options. In just one appointment, we can help you enjoy pink, healthy looking gums that you can feel confident smiling in!  Call 416 800-0927