Immediate Loading & dental implant healing

Immediate Loading of Dental Implants – Impact on healing time?

The length of your dental implant healing time may impact your decision to get implants at all. Traditional dental implants used to take as long as 6 months  from the actual implant surgery to the point of placing the crown, bridge or denture. If you needed a bone graft, an additional 4 months might have been added to your dental implant healing time. Now there are even better alternatives for fast healing times – Immediate Loading.

Reducing Dental Implant Healing Time

Thankfully, newer methods of dental implant treatments have greatly reduced recovery time. In fact, some people are able to have their dental implants placed and loaded on the very same day! This eliminates the months of recovery needed for traditional implant therapy.

CT Technology

Knowing the best location to place your implant can reduce healing time. It can also prevent the need for bone grafts. Chrysalis Dental Centres uses CT  technology to identify the best areas of bone to support your implants. With the right bone support, you can often choose to have your implants loaded immediately.

Immediate Loading of Dental Implants

What is immediate loading of dental implants? These are implants that are placed and restored at the very same appointment. After the implant is installed, your crown, bridge or denture is placed on top during the same visit. Immediate loading of dental implants prevents the need for you to be without teeth while you recover.

Benefits of Immediate Loading of Dental Implants

Having your implants restored at your surgical placement will prevent lengthy recovery times. For one, there is no long wait period between different stages of dental implant therapy. The entire process is completed right then and there in one appointment.

If you are having an extraction, the immediate loading of a dental implant can speed up recovery. Titanium implant roots aid in triggering new bone growth. Instead of spending several days waiting for a surgical site to heal, only to return for another surgery – the process is expedited. This speeds up your recovery from the extraction. Plus, you will have functional teeth the very same day.

Immediate Loading of  Dental Implants Speeds Up Recovery Time

Soft gingival tissues respond better around implants that are immediately loaded. They do not have the lapse in time to creep away from the missing tooth. This helps keep gum tissues natural looking around your new implant prosthesis.

If you are missing all of your teeth, an immediately loaded implant denture is ideal for recovery. The weight of your bite is distributed across the different implants. Because we use CT technology, you can expect optimal implant support.

Call Chrysalis for Same Day Dental Implants

Our patients have an easier time managing dental implants that are immediately loaded. There are fewer visits, maintenance steps, and less discomfort. What used to take months with a graft, surgery, recovery and restoration can now take just one appointment.

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