The Additional Dental Health Benefits of Permanent Dentures

Permanent DenturesPermanent Dentures Offer Additional Health Benefits

Unlike traditional dentures that are removable, permanent dentures never come out of place! They are anchored directly onto dental implants, which keep them secured to the jaw as if they were natural teeth. Not only does this free up space throughout the rest of your mouth, you will also find it easier to talk, enjoy your meals, and less interference with your everyday lifestyle. But there are actually several other benefits to having permanent dentures other than just convenience:

Increased Bone Quantity and Quality

Implants are the only dental restorations that actually increase bone development in your mouth. Placing each implant into the jaw causes new bone to form around the implant, securing it in place and strengthening the jaws at the same time. This helps you counteract bone loss that is due to factors like age, osteoporosis, and natural bone loss due to having teeth removed.

Not only does the increased bone quantity make your permanent dentures more stable, it also limits the additional aging process that bone loss has on your facial profile!


No Sore Spots

Removable dentures have an increased risk of causing sore spots and rubbed areas under the prosthesis, especially if it doesn’t fit just right. Since permanent dentures are anchored directly onto implant abutments, there is no risk of the denture rocking out of place and rubbing against the gum tissues when you bite, chew, or talk. Without the bothersome rubbing, you don’t have to worry about sores that never heal under your denture, or infections like thrush or yeast that can create infected areas due to bacterial buildup form wearing the appliance all day long.


A Balanced Diet

It’s not uncommon for our older family members to experience health problems because of how difficult it is for them to eat. Why is this? Because chewing can be very difficult, which results in decreased nutritional intake and subsequent weight loss. With permanent dentures it is much easier to bite, chew and consume nutrient rich foods that also taste good – improving physical well being and boosting the immune system.  Many patients report that they can now eat what they want instead of being limited to what their dentures will let them eat.


Fewer Treatment Needs

Unlike other types of dental restorations, implants have the potential to last for your entire life. They are even considered to be stronger than natural tooth roots. This means they can support your fixed implant denture for years and years, with the potential of never having to have the implants re-treated due to normal wear and tear.  We don’t want to mislead you, the acrylic teeth in the denture will still wear and they will have to be replaced every few years but this is relatively inexpensive.  Your dentist will show you how to keep the areas around your implant clean to prevent infections or bone loss that could impact their life expectancy. Investing in an implant denture is one of the most time-effective treatments that you could consider when undergoing full mouth rehabilitation.


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