Ceramic Dental Implants

What are ceramic dental implants?

Have you heard a lot about ceramic dental implants?

Wondering if they’re the right solution to give you the confident, beautiful smile you’ve been longing for? Let Chrysalis Dental Centres provide you with a closer look at how ceramic can play a role in your dental implant procedures.

Ceramic dental implants are also known within the industry as zirconia implants. Zirconia is a type of ceramic and can be used in several dental applications, including the manufacturing of the implant itself as well as the core (or substructure) of the tooth. Using zirconia as the substructure material can provide a more aesthetically pleasing result than titanium as zirconia is lighter in colour and less likely to be seen through the outer porcelain layer.

At Chrysalis Dental Centres, we typically use dental implants that are made of titanium; however, we usually use zirconia substructures for individual teeth or bridges that are visible when you smile.

Porcelain is another type of ceramic material that is used in the creation of a patient’s new smile. It is not a component in the dental implants themselves but is used to create the outside of the teeth. The porcelain teeth, which rest above titanium or zirconia substructures, are attached to the implants and are painstakingly crafted by our in-house dental ceramists. Your new teeth, be they part of an arch, a bridge or a single tooth will then be attached to your implants, creating a strong, aesthetically pleasing smile.

At Chrysalis Dental Centres, we have registered dental technologists on staff with more than 20 years of experience to provide patients with beautiful, natural looking teeth.

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