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Permanent Same-Day Teeth is just one of the methods of dental implants our office in Calgary can offer patients. Conventional dental implant solutions can require invasive surgeries and months of recovery time. Chrysalis Dental’s procedure is one of the least invasive dental implant methods available. With a short recovery time and immediate results, there’s no question. This innovative procedure is more affordable and more convenient than many other full mouth dental implant restoration techniques. 


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Why Choose Chrysalis?

Many of our patients enjoy the freedom that permanent dental implants have given them. Whether it’s a single tooth or a full mouth implant, Chrysalis can guarantee satisfaction. You’ll be able to enjoy any food, without worrying about your dentures falling out or debris getting stuck under them. By getting our Permanent Same-Day Teeth are natural feeling and look beautiful. Whether you choose to replace your upper, lower or both arches, we will work with you to create the dental implant solution that fits you perfectly. 

Benefits of Dental Implants

While there is the obvious benefit of being able to chew food normally again, there are plenty of reasons to consider getting dental implants.  

  • Improved speech & appearance: You can experience speech impediments from something as simple as your dentures sliding around, causing whistles or slurring. Getting dental implants can help with speech imperfections caused by annoying dental work. Having the self-confidence to be your true self is just one of our goals when it comes to performing a successful dental implant procedure. 
  • Better oral health: Because of your previous dental situation, keeping your new implants clean are your top priority. Especially if you have been stuck with crooked, jagged or missing teeth in the past, keeping your new perfect smile looking good is easier than ever. Since dental implants are made to fit your mouth specifically, your existing teeth will work alongside the implants to ensure a strong foundation. 
  • Easier eating & convenience: We all know the discomfort of being hangry. Letting your teeth stop you from enjoying the foods you love isn’t the way to peace of mind. With our Permanent Same-Day Teeth procedure, you can arrive in the morning for your surgery and leave that afternoon, ready to enjoy a proper dinner! No more food getting stuck under dentures or shooting pain in your gums.  
  • A more natural approach: Say goodbye to the discomfort of dentures, bridges and crowns. Our dental implants aim to create a unified and natural result. They just feel like your teeth, so there’s little to no adjustment period or new lifestyle changes to get used to… Aside from flossing, or course! 

If you’re looking for the best dental implants Calgary South has to offer, give us a call or visit our officeFor more information about our Permanent Same-Day Teeth dental implant solutions, contact Chrysalis Dental today!