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Dr. Charles Britton, DDS
Dr. Carman Rabuka BSc. DMD, Cert. GPR
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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,
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Chrysalis Dental Centres - Saskatoon Team

Chrysalis Dental Centres – Saskatoon Team

Are you frustrated with your uncomfortable removable dentures? Chrysalis Dental Centres have been providing dental implants to Saskatoon residents who want to improve their smile. Our Permanent Same Day Teeth solution allows you to replace a full arch of teeth, or both top and bottom, in just one day! Compared to other traditional dental implant procedures, which can take months of preparation and recovery time, the Permanent Same Day Teeth procedure is less invasive. Less invasive usually means that it is also less painful. You can even eat the same day as your surgery!

Chrysalis Canada is committed to helping our Saskatoon dental implant patients achieve a beautiful smile. A dental professional will work with you to design a smile that suits you and looks great. After one or two initial appointments to prepare your new teeth, your surgery will occur in just one appointment. This dental implant procedure will have you enjoying your new teeth immediately.

To find out more about the dental implants we offer to our Saskatoon area patients, contact us now!