Dental Implant Patient Testimonial Bruce Napier

Toronto, Ontario

“Had I only known, I would have done this much sooner.”

After many years of disappointment with traditional dental treatments, I discovered the Chrysalis approach in my morning newspaper (an ad).
I researched the company and staff and was pleased to find positive endorsements and testimonials. It was clear that you have perfected a fundamental improvement on classical dental procedures. I contacted Chrysalis for an appointment and within a few days was sitting in an examination room discussing my specific needs.
The assessment process was both enlightening and refreshing. My choices were made clear to me in plain language. Within a very short period, I had made the basic decisions based on my unique needs and goals. For the first time in nearly 50 years, I had exciting and reasonable expectations for significant improvements in my dental well-being.
I was to undergo a significant number of extractions and I expected it to be difficult. I was wrong. My surgery was scheduled and went off smoothly. In a few hours, I found myself in the back of a limo heading home with a complete set of teeth on implants. Virtually no pain and only minor discomfort – easily managed with common off the shelf medications. By dinner time the same day, I was able to eat a meal and feeling quite comfortable. My new teeth look wonderful and, after a short period of adjustment, feel comfortable and natural.
For someone like me, with high expectations for excellence, this was a surprisingly positive experience. To move from the dread of older dental processes to this new approach with these people was far above anything I thought possible.
Service excellence is a deeply held belief at Chrysalis and shows up in every contact and process. The staff clearly enjoy their work and are a delight to deal with.

Had I only known, I would have done this much sooner.

Burt Napier