Dental Implant Patient Testimonial Kevin Shea

Toronto, Ontario

“The procedure was totally nonintrusive and the results are amazing.”

Salute to Chrysalis!

I was 20 years of age when I had my first “face changing” traumatic experience. The dental work I was having done on my front four upper teeth went wrong, and given the status of my remaining uppers, I was suddenly forced to have a full upper plate to correct the situation. There was no other solution at the time. Twenty years old, with false teeth! What was even more interesting is that I was the Colgate Kid in a series of TV Commercials with Art Linkletter. A rather short-lived opportunity.

As the years progressed, I inherited a bottom partial due to the wear of the upper plate on my natural teeth, and of course endured years of discomfort, replacements and feeling like I had a complete hardware store operating out of my mouth!

A number of years ago, I did look into the possibility of having implants, but the only procedure was one or two teeth at a time and it would take years to complete a rebuild. Then I heard of Chrysalis!

Last October, I had my second “face changing” experience! The results are truly amazing as I finally feel like I have my mouth back. The procedure was totally nonintrusive and the results are amazing. The hardware is all gone and the functionality is way beyond my expectations. The staff and team at Chrysalis are total professionals. They are attentive, responsive, fun and remarkably understanding of what their patients are going through.

Thanks Chrysalis, I think I will get my head shots done again and see if I can pick up on my TV Commercial opportunities…it’s never too late to start again.

Best to all the Team.
Kevin Shea