Dental Implant Patient Testimonial Marilyn D.

“In 2003, I was fitted with upper and lower dentures. I could no longer taste my food and I could never get used to wearing them. The discomfort I felt was greater because I had fibromyalgia. I couldnt wear the lowers at all, and I used the upper teeth when I left the house only.

By 2005 I ate using my tongue to oppose a couple of remaining upper teeth. Of course I could never eat in public. My diet became progressively worse. In 2005 I received an estimate for $70,000 for work involving many implants and bone grafts from the hips to support those implants. Given the years of poor diet, my health was too frail for me to consider such invasive dental work, nor did I want to spend so much money for teeth that would look ghoulishly long due to the severe recession of my gums.

In 2009, my new dentist advised me to see Dr. Kwon. I was initially reluctant because I had lost hope, but I went anyway. After a series of preparatory appointments, I had my three hour surgery. There was some pain for a few days (treated with Tylenol 3) and puffiness for a week, but nothing serious.

The cosmetic result was amazing and they looked far better than the natural teeth of the average person. One would have to look carefully into the mouth to notice that something was done. Within a day of the surgery I was able to eat the kinds of food I hadn’t been able to eat for years!

Ultimately, the rewards for me went far beyond restoring appearance and function. The changes were more profound than ever expected. Three months after my surgery, the improvements in the quality of my life continue week after week. My physical and mental health, my social life, the enjoyment in my life, and my self confidence have all improved. I’m using cosmetics, getting my hair done, and using jewellery again. What a delight!”