Dental Implant Patient Testimonial Pat Tripp


“My experience with Chrysalis Dental Centres was fantastic.”

I had been living with a partial denture, but I hated it. Food would get stuck underneath and Id be embarrassed to smile. I just wasnt comfortable smiling or talking in public. My hand automatically covered my mouth when I would laugh. It certainly had an impact on my self-confidence.

My experience with Chrysalis Dental Centres was fantastic. The staff was so nice, and I could tell that they truly had my best interest at heart. Even better, I really did not have any pain at all! I still cant believe it.

People noticed right away that I looked better, but they didn’t know why. Our sons wedding was one month after my surgery and I received nothing but compliments. People thought I was 20 years younger than my actual age! I am looking forward to not worrying about dental work. It is wonderful to be able to smile naturally again! I have not felt this happy and confident in a long, long time.

The whole experience was wonderful – better than I couldve hoped for. To anyone who is thinking about Chrysalis Dental Centres – go for it! You will never regret it.