Werner Funkenhauser

“I’m very happy with everything that was done for me. I love my new smile!”

I had my teeth removed years ago, and was wearing removable dentures for a long time. Although they were good dentures, they would slip and were ill-fitting, and needed dental paste. I still found they were uncomfortable. All sorts of nasty little things would happen with them all the time.

I simply decided that I needed to find a different solution, so I went to my denturist. He recommended the All on Four treatment. I had looked into dental implants previously, but this was the only one that could be done in one day.

I had the All on Four procedure completed on both my upper and lower jaws, all in just one day! After the procedure I was eating regular food almost immediately!

I certainly feel better about my looks, and I feel better about my smile. I can chew an awful lot better than before. I was visiting my mother at an assisted living home, and she was telling all of her friends that I had a better smile than I did before, and she made me show it off.

My overall experience was excellent. Everyone related to this process did a fantastic job.

I’m very happy with everything that was done for me. I love my new smile!