Permanent Same Day Teeth

_MG_3901-smallChrysalis Dental Centre’s main focus is providing an easy, permanent solution both for people with failing teeth and those who are tired of wearing dentures. We can help you regain the health and vitality of your smile by providing permanent, nonremovable teeth in only a day. The Chrysalis Same Day Teeth technique achieves excellent aesthetic results and typically requires no waiting for implants to integrate.

We offer three permanent replacement solutions to suit many different levels of tooth loss. All three procedures revolve around implants, which are placed in the jaw and then fitted with abutments that are used to attach the new, nonremovable teeth to the implants. Patients are sedated during the procedure to ensure maximum comfort and typically go home the same day with permanent teeth.

Full Arch Restoration

This procedure replaces a full arch of either upper or lower teeth and is an ideal solution when several teeth in an arch are missing or unhealthy.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

This procedure is recommended when both arches need to be replaced.

Single Tooth Restoration

In this case, one or more individual teeth are replaced. In some cases, bridges are affixed to dental implants.

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