Why Choose Chrysalis for Dental Implants?

The decision to undergo dental implant surgery is not one that most people make without lengthy consideration. This is why potential patients spend so much time researching dental clinics and doctors to find just the right fit.

At Chrysalis Dental Centres, we are committed to providing our patients with white glove service from the moment they step through the doors. This means that we take considerable steps to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. From providing car service to local full arch patients and hotel stays for those a distance away, to something as simple as phoning on the night of your procedure to ensure that you’re alright, we will always put your comfort and satisfaction first.


Five Reasons to Choose Chrysalis Dental Centres

  • Same day implants
  • Onsite lab
  • Highly experienced dental implant surgeons
  • Minimal need for additional surgeries (hip grafts, etc.)
  • White glove service that puts patients first!

Permanent Teeth in One Day!

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide what so many patients believe to be impossible, and that is beautiful, high quality, permanent teeth in only one day. This is possible because Chrysalis offers the complete package – implant surgery, the crafting of your new teeth and placement under one roof. Your procedure will b

e performed by a team of highly qualified dental professionals, all of whom will take a personal interest in your care and the results of your procedure.


Our facility features an in-house lab, which allows lab techs to aid the surgeon in ensuring that the right fit, colour, and all technical aspects of the installation have been met. If post-placement adjustments are required, the lab tech is there to perform them immediately onsite.

Advanced Procedures Without Additional Surgeries

Many individuals looking into dental implants have been told that surgeries such as hip grafts may be required in order to fortify jaw structure prior to implant surgery.  Our technique has allowed us to provide same day dental implants, without additional surgeries for many individuals who had been previously told that these grafting surgeries were required.

If you are ready to learn more about how you can have permanent teeth in one day, or to schedule your free dental implant surgery consultation and examination, please contact Chrysalis Dental Centres at 1-888-733-6983 today!