What To Expect From Us

Have you grown tired of the hardships associated with having missing or unhealthy teeth? Has the inconvenience and soreness that comes with wearing removable
dental implants toronto dentures become overwhelming? Let Chrysalis Dental Centres provide you with the solution you have been dreaming of – same day dental implants that not only offer a new smile, but also offer a new lease on life!

From the moment you walk into Chrysalis Dental Centres you can expect to experience a truly relaxing environment, brimming with professionalism and the feeling that something life changing is about to happen. Often, patients who typically feel anxiety when entering a dental facility have mentioned feeling at ease when coming to Chrysalis. From our treatment coordinators to our nurses, dental assistants, registered dental technicians, surgeons and others, the staff members at Chrysalis Dental Centres are committed to ensuring that you have an excellent experience, along with results that will keep you smiling for years to come.

Same Day Procedures

The Chrysalis Same Day Teeth technique allows patients to arrive for their procedure and then leave later that same day with entire arches (upper and/or lower) of permanent, non-removable teeth. Our facilities feature an onsite lab, allowing technicians to be present to ensure the correct fit, shade and other aesthetic aspects of your new teeth.

White Glove Service

Our patients can expect to receive white glove service from beginning to end. This means a variety of things that all culminate in Chrysalis providing patients with an excellent experience. Here are some examples of what you can expect:

  • On the day of your full arch procedure, a car service is provided to take you to and from your appointment, while patients outside of an hour away will receive a hotel room in the area.
  • Coffee, tea, and other beverages
  • A light, soft meal will be provided
  • Well-appointed recovery rooms featuring La-Z-Boy ™ reclining chairs and private television, along with free Wi-Fi.

Attentive Aftercare

dental implant torontoYour relationship with Chrysalis does not end once the procedure has been completed. In fact, your doctor will call the night of the surgery to ensure that everything is alright. Afterward, you will come in for two week, two month, and six month follow up appointments with a dedicated post-op dentist.  These appointments will involve x-rays and examinations to ensure the comfort and quality of the placement.

Call today to learn more about same day dental implants from Chrysalis Dental Centres, or to schedule your free, no obligation exam.